Blackberry offers IoT devices protection against hackers

Blackberry offers IoT devices protection against hackers

Blackberry has three different products designed to better protect Internet-connected devices from hackers. This includes a cryptographic key, software and a management service for devices used in factory or business settings.

2019 will be the year in which consumers will use their wallets to vote and look for products that promise a higher level of security and data privacy, says Alex Thurber, senior vice president of BlackBerry and manager of Mobility Solutions. He therefore believes that it is time for all companies to make the Internet of Things (IoT) safer. Especially given the potential for damage from internal hacks or external DDoS attacks. Even a botnet of simple security cameras can be disastrous.

Cryptographic key and software

Something that Blackberry is now jumping into. For example, the former smartphone manufacturer offers users a cryptographic key. It is the intention that makers of IoT devices install a special microprocessor when they produce their gadgets. Hacking the chip changes the key and causes the device to stop working.

A second Blackberry solution is software. This ensures that non-approved code is stopped and does not continue to run on a device. According to the company, this could lead to attacks such as Mirai in 2016. Hackers then connected hordes of IOT devices in a botnet, such as home routers and security cameras. The goal is to disable a critical backbone Internet server.

Device management

In addition, Blackberry developed device management software for devices used in factory or business settings. The software enables companies to better manage information stored on IoT devices in this way. There is also a possibility to set rules about when a device can communicate and with which protocols.

Microsoft, Amazon and Google also offer solutions for connecting devices to the Internet more securely. In April last year, for example, Microsoft introduced the Azure Sphere microships, which allow companies to install secure chips and software on connected devices. Amazon and Google have AWS IoT and Android respectively for IoT services, both of which offer IoT devices more protection.

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