Netgear unveils new Orbi knife router RBK50 with wifi 6

Netgear unveils new Orbi knife router RBK50 with wifi 6

Netgear informs Techzine about an update for its Orbi line, in the form of a new router. The RBK50 supports wifi 6, or the 802.11ax protocol. This technology promises to exceed the maximum throughput of 10 Gbit/s.

The Orbi gear first appeared in 2017, in the form of the Orbi and the Orbi Pro. The system should provide better coverage of the Wi-Fi signal and deliver a higher average throughput rate. Last year the RBK20 was launched especially for the European market. The RBK20 combines a 2.2 Gbps WiFi router with a satellite designed for better mesh networking in and around homes.


So now the RBK50 has been unveiled, which should make gigabit speeds possible. Wifi 6 is still new in the industry and there is little support for it, except for specific hardware like Netgear. The performance of the Orbi Mesh WiFi systems has been improved by the addition of 1024 QAM with 4×4 wifi 6. This will improve the speed, coverage and capacity of these wireless links between the Orbi router and satellites.

The Orbi with WiFi 6 has an advanced system on a chip (SoC) from Qualcomm for wifi 6 networking. In doing so, it should support even higher performance at the same time as Wi-Fi streams. This makes it possible to offer gigabit internet to many more devices. Also, homes with gigabit internet should be able to take advantage of the new performance of wifi 6, which is designed for the next generation of mobile and smart home devices. You can read more about Qualcomm’s approach to wifi 6 in our background article.

The new routers must be shipped from the third quarter of this year or later. The price for the routers is not yet known.

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