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Cumulus Networks, which provides networking software for data centers, will join forces with Nutanix. Together they will simplify the networking part of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI). For this purpose, they not only integrate their systems, but also their software. This should make it easier for companies to keep their systems running smoothly.

Last Tuesday, Cumulus announced that it had integrated its Cumulus Linux operating system and NetQ management software with Nutanix’s Prism management software. People who run data centers using Nutanix-powered Hyper-Converged devices can now manage those systems through a single user interface.

Simplify through collaboration

Cumulus CEO Josh Leslie explains in an interview with Data Center Knowledge that one of the challenges of HCI is that it simplifies the calculation and storage work, but does not do so much for the network part. According to him, that is what the collaboration is all about. We help simplify the process of networking and upscaling Nutanix systems. This makes the use of Nutanix systems and the Cumulus software very easy and they fit together seamlessly.

Hyper-Converged systems, which combine servers as well as storage and virtualisation in one application, are good for more and more turnover. In the second quarter of 2018 alone, they accounted for a turnover of $1.5 billion. Nutanix is putting more and more emphasis on this and is generating more turnover from it. The company owns 34.2 percent of the market, roughly as much as its main competitor VMware.

Partnerships everywhere

Cumulus offers a Linux OS for the network switches of data centers and competes with market leaders Cisco, Arista Networks and Juniper Networks. The partnership with Nutanix is part of a broader trend. More and more HCI providers are collaborating and integrating their interfaces to better align their offerings.

For example, Dell EMC has decided to integrate its systems with those of VMware. In addition, it collaborates with companies such as Cumulus, Big Switch and Pluribus Networks. HP also does this by collaborating with Plexxi. Just about every network provider wants to participate in the HCI market and this kind of takeovers and collaborations are crucial for that.

These integrations are still quite complicated at times. Cumulus and Nutanix worked six to nine months to integrate their software.

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