HPE CEO Neri: The world will always be hybrid

HPE CEO Neri: The world will always be hybrid

Antonio Neri celebrates his first birthday as CEO of HPE. He looks ahead to the future of the company. Hybrid cloud and edge computing play an important role in this, with Aruba Networks as a trump card.

In an extensive interview with Business Insider, HPE CEO Antonio Neri looks back on 2018 and looks ahead to 2019. Neri sees HPE developing a niche within the hydrid cloud market. According to him, customers prefer to store certain data on their own servers and other data in the cloud.

Last year we launched HPE Greenlake Hybrid Cloud, a service that helps companies manage their infrastructure across AWS, Azure and their own data centres. In some regulated industries, such as the financial sector, not all data can be moved to the cloud. With the Greenlake Hybrid Cloud, these companies can still modernise their infrastructure without making a big switch, says Neri. The world will always be hybrid.

Edge computing

In addition to hybrid cloud, Neri’s main focus is on edge computing. He expects this market to explode completely over the next three to ten years. This means that all data does not have to go directly to the cloud and a lot can be calculated locally. Only the most intensive calculations are then sent to the cloud.

According to Neri, HPE is perfectly positioned to conquer that market. We also have Aruba Networks (USD 3 billion acquisition in 2015) in our portfolio. This provides a fundamental infrastructure for connecting solutions to each other and to the cloud. The number of connected devices will continue to grow. I expect the market around edge computing to be worth $400 billion.

He also emphasizes that edge computing will eventually become larger than the cloud market. According to analyst agency CRN, it’s worth $180 billion today.

Antonio Neri took over the CEO position from Meg Whitman a year ago. So far, HPE has met the analysts’ expectations on a quarterly basis and sales grew by 7 percent in the fiscal year 2018. At the same time, we look sceptical and earnings per share have remained virtually unchanged from a year ago.

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