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Qualys has unveiled a global cloud app IT Asset Inventory (AI). The app should provide security and IT teams with a complete overview of enriched asset data. This should enable teams to monitor complex, global and interconnected IT environments, identify critical or potential risks, and work together to resolve problems.

Qualys AI collects and analyzes data on IT assets scattered across hybrid environments, continuously providing up-to-date and comprehensive information about those assets and their security and compliance status. The app does this using a combination of Qualys sensors. These include cloud agencies, scanners and passive network sensors.

For example, the new app gives a Fortune 50 retailer an overview of its international business data centres, multi-client environments and its physical stores and warehouses. All this data provides new insights that make it possible to detect risks from unknown devices or end-of-life technology.

Management and security

Qualys AI further helps security and compliance teams identify, track and secure assets that store sensitive data. For example, it ensures that teams are not dependent on legacy asset inventory tools and helps teams to manage the risk profile of their assets in real time.

Qualys AI does this by ensuring that no unauthorised IT assets are used in the production environment. In addition, active apps that are not on their whitelist are detected and teams are notified when vulnerable, end-of-life, or unlicensed software is present.

The app also constantly collects asset data to identify and categorize devices, hardware and software. This should enable the teams to gather asset details and risk information to make critical decisions.

A source of truth

It also removes the need to manually integrate individual systems or to check the validity of datasets. This allows both teams to share a source of truth, which Qualys believes should lead to better IT and security results.

Customers can also use the data on their assets to update the configuration management database (CMDB) and thus enable initiatives such as IT cost savings, enterprise architecture, cloud and data centre migrations and service management.

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