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Dell EMC and its subsidiary VMware join forces with VMware Cloud on Dell EMC to offer end users the ability to purchase a complete data center infrastructure on premise via a pay-per-month model. Both companies announced this at the now held Dell Technology 2019 event in Las Vegas.

According to both companies, the service, which is part of the Dell Technologies Cloud, was developed because they found that many companies today are less and less interested in owning a complete on-premise data center infrastructure.

Another factor is that for many companies it is not yet entirely possible to bring all workloads to the (multi)cloud. For example, because they are bound by certain laws and regulations or because they need to have their workloads close to the execution of their work. The latter therefore justifies an on-premise data centre, but it does not have to be in its own possession.

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC

To accommodate these companies, the tech giant and his virtualization specialist have now developed the VMware Cloud on Dell EMC service that provides a complete on-premise data center including the entire software-defined data center (SDDC) stack from VMware.

In concrete terms, the solution consists of the VxRail hyper-converted hardware from Dell EMC and the SDDC stack from VMware, including vSphere, vSAN and NSX. The application is available in a half or full rack configuration and can be placed anywhere in the world, whether in a data centre or at an edge location such as a retail outlet.

This gives end users access to, among other things, large business data services, security and scalability. They can also benefit from added services such as backup, disaster recovery and bursting applications.

The entire configuration is managed by VMware. The virtualisation specialist is responsible for monitoring, troubleshooting and patch management, among other things. Dell EMC provides support for the hardware.

Fast delivery

According to both suppliers, the implementation process of this pay-per-month service is very short. The entire on-premise data centre will be operational and set up within four weeks of ordering. When the on-premise data center is delivered, it is completely connected and set up on site by a technical employee from Dell EMC and VMware.

The service is now only available in beta. It is expected to be finally rolled out after the summer, starting in the United States.

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