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Splunk has decided to bring augmented reality to the server room with a whole new interface. The company has also announced two new products that allow customers to access data and information from mobile devices. It concerns Connected Experiences and Business Flow.

With the Splunk AR interface, anyone with a mobile device can scan a QR code or a Near Field Communications tag on a server rack, as well as other objects from the real world. Then information from the Splunk dashboard is displayed in real time when the user is looking at the machine, a rack or other equipment, writes Silicon Angle.

Additional information

The fact that the dashboard is available on mobile devices also means that technicians in the field can quickly double-check information without having to use a keyboard and a screen. All it takes is to point a phone or tablet at a rack or machine to get information instantly.

The app also makes it possible to lift up the dashboard on the device, allowing a deep dive to be done while the user is standing in front of the machine in question. For example, the AR interface is useful for displaying information such as current processing consumption, input and output ratios, and processor temperature. Because the dashboard is available, a deeper analysis is possible.

The AR app can also be useful for providing additional information to technicians in the field should they encounter any problems. A visualization in a dashboard can for example indicate a change in data flow or the temperature of the processor. This allows a technician to be better informed about the situation in the field.

The AR app is only available for iPhones and iPads. The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

Connected Experiences and Business Flow

In addition, Splunk has unveiled two new products: Connected Experiences and Business Flow. Connected Experiences extracts data from server logs and other data sources to provide a quick overview of servers. In addition, it provides insight into the activities in the servers that are being looked at, on which action can then be taken.

Business Flow provides operational intelligence driven by data from networks, enabling end-to-end business lifecycles to be visualized based on server usage.

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