Pivotal adds support for open Java in new release

Pivotal Software has updated its Spring Runtime application development platform to address some developers’ concerns about changes to Oracle. Oracle has adapted the license terms of its popular Java Standard Edition programming language.

Java is the most popular programming language. So it is not surprising that developers were not happy when they discovered that the company unveiled a new subscription-based pricing model in January, which meant that commercial users no longer received free updates.

This means that more developers are thinking about using OpenJDK, which is a free and open source implementation of Java SE. However, it lacks some of Oracle’s own add-ons.

Spring Runtime

Pivotal’s Spring framework is a tool for supporting applications built with the Java programming language. The framework provides a range of resources to integrate applications, streamline code and generally promote more efficient development strategies.

Given the changes Oracle has made to its licenses, Pivotal has now decided that it will also be involved in the OpenJDK implementation of Java. As a result, Jumping users continue to receive updates and support. The choice follows after Pivotal decided to become a platinum sponsor of AdoptOpenJDK. AdoptOpenJDK is an organization that tries to increase the use of OpenJDK.

Other support

The latest version of the Jumping platform not only includes the Pivotal Distribution of OpenJDK, but also adds support for additional Jumping software projects. These include the open source version of the Spring Framework, including Spring Boot, Spring Cloud and Spring Cloud Dataflow.

The new version also bundles Pivotal tc Server for the first time. The Pivotal tc Server is the distribution of Apache Tomcat from Pivotal. This is an application server that is used to render web pages that contain Java Server Page code.

Spring Runtime is now available to all Application Service subscribers. The platform is also available separately as a separate subscription service.

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