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With VPC Traffic Mirroring, Amazon introduces a feature that allows you to analyze network traffic in virtual private cloud environments in detail. A large ecosystem of partners already offers the functionality.

If you run a virtual private cloud (VPC) within Amazon, you want to know what’s happening on the network. Network traffic can make well hidden attacks visible or indicate that a virtual machine is working properly. To make that possible, Amazon is launching Mirroring at the Re:Inforce conference in Boston VPC Traffic.

The function allows you to tap, make visible and collect network graphics. This can be done at a central point from different AWS environments. From there, you can analyse the packages caught in detail. You can activate mirroring via the VPC-console, EC2 CLI or EC2 API. CloudFormation support is being worked on.

Insights and partners

Among other things, operational insights, monitoring in line with regulation, but also simple troubleshooting will be possible. Filters allow you to follow certain packages in detail to detect specific problems. The functionality is powered by AWS Nitro and is therefore available on all EC2 instances that are equipped with it. At the time of writing, these are A1, C5, C5d, M5, M5a, M5d, R5, R5a, R5d and T3.

Mirroring is available in almost all AWS regions with a few exceptions in Asia. Per mirror source, you pay $0.015 an hour. For the launch, Amazon worked with a broad ecosystem of partners including Palo Alto Networks, Netscout and ExtraHop. Through the services of these partners, available in the AWS Market Place, you can also get started with VPC Traffic Mirroring.

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