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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has unveiled a new storage platform called Primera that focuses on mission-critical applications and large-scale consolidations for enterprises.

For the time being, the 3PAR portfolio is still available and the company has promised to continue working on it. The storage platform Primera is therefore wrong, writes The Register. Primera uses InfoSight’s predictive analytics to optimize performance and reliability. Designed around NVMe and storage class memory, the platform is designed to optimize itself for high and consistent performance at scale. In addition, it uses technology from 3PAR and Nimble Storage.

According to HPE, AI-driven optimization is now the only way to deliver the performance needed for emerging applications. Much progress in terms of speed has recently been brought about by the introduction of flash, according to the company. “Now we see incremental progress with NVMe or storage class memory, but there is no game changer more, because everyone expects the speed of flash”, said a spokesman for The Register.

Primera deals with the use of real-time embedded AI driven analytics to optimize the infrastructure with predictive accelerations. AI-driven operations that predict and solve problems are important according to HPE, because the entire storage stack has become too complex to be fully managed or troubleshoot by humans.

One hundred percent availability

The main features of Primera, according to HPE, are the “all-active” multi-node parallel architecture for resilience and scaling with instant failover options, as well as an operating system that runs on services. It is modular and the data services are disconnected, so that they can be used and restarted independently. This means they can be upgraded for users without the need for a reboot.

In addition, HPE states that Primera will be 100% available, and even wants to guarantee this. If there is a malfunction, customers receive a maximum of 20 percent of the value of their Primera Assets.

Primera is also available in three models: Primera 630, Primera 650 and Primera 670. The platform will be available as an IT-as-a-Service model via GreenLake from August. The price has yet to be announced.

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