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Telfort Business and Yes Telecom, two of KPN’s subsidiary brands, lost both customers and revenue in the first quarter of this year. The cause is the phasing out of the brands.

In January of this year, we announced that we would discontinue the brands Telfort, Yes Telecom and XS4ALL. All customers of the brands must ultimately come under the KPN flag. The changes should be implemented during this year and 2020.

Fewer customers and turnover

The scrapping of the brands has already had an impact on KPN’s business virtual operators (VO), according to Telecompaper‘s Dutch Virtual Operators report. Telfort Business saw its volume shrink by 15,000 SIM cards, and its turnover from business mobile bags to 11 million euros. In May, Telfort Business stopped recruiting new customers. Customers whose contracts expire receive an offer from KPN to switch to their parent company. The number of business SIM cards also decreased at Yes Telecom. It was a drop of 10,000 SIM cards. It is not yet known exactly when Yes Telecom will stop.

Contraction business VO market

As the two brands are also the two largest commercial FAs, the whole business segment within the FE market is expected to shrink further. This segment accounted for 6.7 percent of the total VO market of 8.2 million SIM cards in the first quarter. However, there is growth in other PRs. The number of SIM cards from Voiceworks has been growing for several years. In the first quarter of this year, 14,000 were added. Voiceworks’ turnover in 2018 was 73 million euros. 30 percent of these came from mobile services. The British company Truphone also saw a slight increase in the first quarter, with a thousand SIM cards. MVNE Private Mobility did not grow further in the first quarter. According to the company, this is because it is mainly active on 3G. MVNE Private Mobility provides mobile services to a number of ICT providers.


In addition to Telfort Business and Yes Telecom, internet provider XS4ALL will also have to disappear in the future. Customers of the company were angry about this, and some of them joined forces in the action group XS4ALL Should Stay. This group is now working on a new provider. In March, the group said that the new provider should start under a new name within a few months. That hasn’t happened yet.

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