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As of May 1, we will cease all sales of subscriptions through our subsidiary Telfort. That’s what the provider is letting us know today. As a result, all shops will close as of that date and 207 people will be on the streets.

The provider informs its customers and the Tweakers site that Telfort is stopping. For the time being, customers who have taken out a subscription with Telfort will continue to find the brand name on their invoice. At the same time, it is the explicit intention to eventually stop this, but the deadline has not yet been set.

End of an era

Telfort has been active for 22 years. The company existed under the wings of KPN for 13 of those years. That decided to invest more in its own brand name and for that reason it wants to merge the best parts of its subsidiaries. KPN would like to bring the customer service of provider XS4ALL and the attractive prices of Telfort both under its own wing.

According to Telecompaper, further redundancies have been requested for the employees of the Telfort stores. According to the site, 128 people are employed by the company and 79 people are working on a temporary basis. It is not certain how many shops in total are involved, but there are a few dozen of them.

Save XS4ALL?

Where the end of Telfort is now final, a group of loyal customers do their best to save XS4ALL. KPN also wants to stop this brand name, but since the company announced on 10 January 2019, a petition to stop it has been launched with great success. At the time of writing, there are more than 45,000 signatures on XS4ALLmoetblijven.nl and it is the intention that the initiators of XS4ALLmoetblijven.nl will eventually enter into discussions with the KPN board.

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