Vodafone removes Huawei material from 5G network

Vodafone removes Huawei material from 5G network

Keeping certain high-risk suppliers out of the main parts of a 5G network: that’s what the European Union recently agreed, referring of course to tech manufacturer Huawei. Vodafone makes haste with that, and says it will immediately remove part of the material already supplied by Huawei.

As in Europe, the United Kingdom recently decided that the Chinese Huawei would not be completely sidelined in building 5G networks, but that it would not be allowed to supply material for certain crucial components. This was despite the fact that the United States wanted to prevent Huawei from being approached at all for the supply of any equipment.

European Commission

Together with the European Commission it was decided to admit Huawei in Great Britain, but they are looking for an alternative for some aspects of the network. Vodafone believes that material from Huawei had already been used, which now has to be dismantled retroactively. Nick Read, CEO of Vodafone, explains why:

“Following the introduction of the EU toolbox and the British government’s choice to keep Huawei out of the key aspects, we made this choice. It will take about five years to implement and will cost around two hundred million euros”.