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Network provider Nokia now offers mobile operators AI-as-a-Service with the introduction of AVA 5G Cognitive Operations. Mobile operators can use this AI solution to manage their future 5G networks.

The telecoms market can no longer escape the deployment of AI for all kinds of network services. Certainly in relation to the roll-out of the 5G networks that is currently taking place. For the Finnish provider of mobile network technology, the introduction of an ‘as-as-service’ service for AI to mobile operators was probably a no-brainer.

The AI-as-a-Service service for mobile operators AVA 5G Cognitive Operations, now being launched, should make it easier for operators of future 5G networks in particular to fully optimise these networks while at the same time rolling out business services.

Specifically, AVA 5G Cognitive Operations uses Nokia machine learning and data science for the clloud stored historical data of the respective operator. This enables operators to predict future problems with the 5G networks and services up to seven days in advance. In addition, they always have real-time insight through various correlation and analysis tools. They also have a set of AI use cases that can help them further.


The deployment of AI should help mobile operators to make fast, high-quality predictions about how their 5G networks are behaving. This would enable them to solve problems 50 percent faster, and handle up to 20 percent more customer complaints. They would also be able to visit up to 10 percent fewer sites with the automatic solutions generated by the service.

Furthermore, AVA 5G Cognitive Operations helps mobile operators create network slices and manage various SLAs. In the future, the AI service should also help them with the customisation of network slices.

Azure as a basis

The network provider’s cloud service uses Microsoft Azure as the basis for its services, but also supports other public and private cloud environments.

Nokia’s AVA 5G Cognitive Operations should become available in the second half of this year. Amongst other things, it will be rolled out to customers who are keen to opt for periodic use or certain outcomes instead of expensive subscriptions.