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The company has unveiled its new cloud-native software suite for enterprise automation and resiliency testing.

This week Juniper Networks introduced its Paragon Automation offering. The new platform is a modular portfolio of cloud-native software applications. Juniper claims that it delivers closed-loop automation that “translates business intent into service performance.”

The problem: most network problems go unreported

Brendan Gibbs, Vice President, Automated WAN Solutions at Juniper Networks, detailed the new offering in a blog post this week. “Problems like network congestion, latency, brownouts and long lead times to activate new services all degrade end-user experience,” he explains.

He goes on to quote a 2019 study that shows 60% of network problems are discovered first by end users or not reported at all. He adds that 95% of customers who’ve had a bad service experience don’t even bother to complain; they simply walk away.

The solution: “Experience-First Networking”

To survive in today’s market, operators need to focus on one thing, Gibbs says. And that thing is “consistently delivering excellent customer experiences.”

Gibbs calls this “Experience-First Networking.” He goes on to say that, “with our new Paragon Automation solutions, Juniper Networks can help you deliver it.”

Experience-First Networking, according to Gibbs, means “knowing how a service is performing at any given time instead of guessing. It also means knowing when something has gone down without having to wait for users to signal the alert.”

Measuring real service quality

Juniper Paragon Automation is a modular portfolio of cloud-native software applications that deliver closed-loop automation in the most demanding 5G and multicloud environments, Gibbs states.

“These solutions translate business intent into real-world performance across the lifecycle of a network and services,” he adds. “They eliminate manual tasks and processes, empowering operations teams to work more quickly, efficiently and accurately.”

Gibbs claims that the company’s solutions protect customers and business by measuring real service quality on the data plane. This, in turn, assures that users have a consistent, high-quality experience throughout the life of their service.

Leveraging 5G and Multicloud

“The convergence of Cloud + 5G + Artificial Intelligence (AI) is unleashing dynamic new real-time applications in every market segment,” Gibbs says. “Unlike other vendors’ solutions, some of which were developed before the iPhone, Paragon Automation is built for 5G and multicloud,” he adds.

“Paragon Automation is fully cloud-native and microservices-based, bringing cloud flexibility, elasticity and resiliency to the network.”