HPE SimpliVity 4.1.0 is built for edge computing

HPE SimpliVity 4.1.0 is built for edge computing

HP’s latest release is a clear indication of the company’s desire to get a foothold in the enterprise edge infrastructure market. Named HPE SimpliVity 4.1.0, the release is the latest enhancement in a hyper-converged stack that includes advanced data prediction, courtesy of StoreOnce.

Now, SimpliVity customers will be able to adopt native backup to the cloud with optional or additional centralized backups, to stay in compliance.

The update also comes with CSI plugin support, ensuring customers can run cloud-native apps at the edge. The edge has become increasingly important, given recent events, including the global pandemic. It is important in generating data and for app use.

Built-in essential features

Moving cloud-native apps to the edge allows data to be processed faster, which in turn leads to faster analysis.

HPE wants to help the edge and its users, by offering them a solution that is not only intelligent but also complete. It includes secure wireless and wired networking, with workload-optimized infrastructure.

HPE SimpliVity already comes with in-built data protection capabilities that include remote backups across a multi-site HPE SimpliVity ecosystem. The new release sees HPE introduce cloud backup and a centralized backup store.

What’s new?

The updates include:

  • HPE SimpliVity with HPE Cloud Volumes Backup, for simplified, efficient, flexible backup to the cloud from multiple edge sites.
  • HPE SimpliVity enhanced protection with HPE StoreOnce protects edge sites automatically, with app-aware policies that simplify the replication of apps and data directly to a central HPE StoreOnce appliance for compilation and long-term storage.
  • Kubernetes CSI Plugin for HPE SimpliVity gives users streamlined management and resilient, complete, and hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). It runs both container and Virtual Machine (VM) workloads on a unified platform at the edge.

With these, SimpliVity users can rest easy and make full use of the edge.