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Lenovo has launched several new services to help customers with their digital transformation. The company has also announced some additions to its HCI offerings.

The new services consist of workshops led by Principal Consultants, Lenovo writes in the announcement. These are whiteboarding sessions that allow application and platform teams to explore different options for their specific needs. The workshops cover various topics, such as SQL Server 2019 Migration and Microsoft Azure Migration.

Other new consulting services include VMware Cloud Foundation Design and Deployment, Hybrid Cloud Assessment, Hybrid Cloud Azure Migration Design Services and Hybrid Cloud Implementation Services.

New HCI solutions

Lenovo has also announced a new system for customers using a hyperconverged infrastructure. It is a new SAP HANA Certified ThinkAgile VX platform, aimed at users who have large SAP HANA databases running on-premise. The new platform is called the ThinkAgile VX7820. With eight sockets, this system can house twice as many processors as its predecessor and can also directly connect to NVMe SSDs. The latter should speed up loading times by up to five times. These features should enable more and larger VM’s for SAP purposes.

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In addition to the new platform, Lenovo has also announced a software upgrade for all ThinkAgile VX systems. The upgrade is said to improve management of the systems, particularly through 75 percent faster cluster deployments and simplified lifecycle management with VMware’s vSphere Lifecycle Manager.

In addition, Lenovo is releasing a security update for the ThinkAgile HX1021 platform for EDG applications. The system will be equipped with Lenovo ThinkShield Security, which should provide intrusion detection and customisation. Finally, Lenovo says the ThinkAgile MX series for Azure Stack software is now available through Lenovo Cloud as an as-a-service model.

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