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In an August 6 report by CNBC, we learned that Google wants to build a new campus in San Jose, California. The company named it Midpoint and will use it to house up to 3,500 staffers. CNBC cited planning documents in its report that show the search giant is planning a second corporate hub next to Midpoint.

The additional structure will likely house some of Google’s hardware development operations.

Google’s headquarters are located in Mountain View, while the search giant works on a second, multibillion-dollar corporate campus in San Jose. The corporate campus will take about ten years to build. Midpoint, as the name suggests, will be between the two.


Midpoint will have five office buildings connected with a pedestrian bridge. The search giant chose to buy existing offices instead of developing new structures.

There are planned green spaces between the five main campus buildings and a transit hub with a commuter bus and bike parking.

Google is planning to operate a hardware research and development centre close to Midpoint. The centre has three industrial buildings on the site that Google plans to renovate by updating the interior design.

More detail

Some of the updates will include adding conveyor belts, a shipping warehouse, and equipment platforms. In one of the three industrial buildings, just 20% of the space will be dedicated to offices while the remaining 80% will be used for manufacturing.

The documents show that the employees at the facility will work on Google’s Nest line of smart home appliances.

The non-specific term ‘Google hardware’ is also used in the documents indicating that the search giant could be working on other types of hardware.