Oracle opens data centres in Stockholm and Milan, boosting its European cloud coverage

Oracle opens data centres in Stockholm and Milan, boosting its European cloud coverage

On Wednesday, Oracle announced the opening of its first Nordics cloud region in Stockholm. The company has one in Milan, Italy, as the pandemic saw an increase in demand for cloud computing tools by organizations in the private and public sectors.

Cloud regions refer to the geographical location of data centres, which are built close to the customers to cut down on how long it takes for them to access data.

Cloud computing companies like Oracle, Amazon, Microsoft and Google have opened up new data centres across Europe to cater to clients transitioning from in-house digital storage and computing to cloud subscriptions.

Oracle’s expansion plans

Oracle has regions in the UK, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France and Germany open and operational, including the newly opened regions.

Across the globe, Oracle will have 36 regions, with a roadmap that shows it plans to add eight more by the end of 2022. The company has already entered agreements with potential customers in Europe, with plans to open second regions in Spain and France.

Carla Arend, the senior program director at research firm IDC, says that European organizations want to store their data within the bloc or their local countries whenever possible.

The database maker that could

Oracle is best known for its database software and lags behind the cloud rivals it competes with for a slice of the cloud computing market. However, its cloud revenue shot up 22% to hit $2.7 billion in the latest Q2 report.

Earlier this year, the company announced the migration of the most complicated computer programs Of companies to its cloud for free to capture portions of new cloud-computing clients.

In conjunction with many others, the move worked since the company has seen an upward trajectory in revenue, with satisfying financial reports.