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One of the biggest acquisitions of the year has been confirmed. Oracle is buying Cerner for $28.3 billion (25.1 billion euros).

Rumours of negotiations between Oracle and Cerner have been circulating since late last week. Today, Oracle provides an official statement. The cloud giant is acquiring Cerner. In doing so, it acquires a significant developer of hardware and software for the medical industry.

Oracle and Cerner

According to Oracle, the acquisition provides a foundation to further reduce the time spent on paperwork among medical professionals. Cerner is known for technology for the automation and digitization of electronic health records (EHR). Oracle, in turn, is known for cloud infrastructure. That infrastructure will be the foundation of Cerner’s continued development.

Currently, Cerner’s solutions are already offered through Oracle’s cloud. The acquisition promises to solidify existing integrations and spur new ones.

Cerner continues as a business unit in Oracle’s organization. It is expected that Oracle will continue to present Cerner’s solutions under the Cerner banner. After all, Cerner’s reputation is part of the acquisition.


Although both organizations confirm the acquisition with official statements, its legality is to be established. Oracle depends on permission from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, a government agency that enforces laws concerning market manipulation. As such, the timing of the acquisition’s realization is unknown.

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