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Intel wants to collaborate with other manufacturers to acquire chip technology specialist Arm. According to Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, an Arm IPO is welcome as well.

Recently, Nvidia was necessitated to stop its planned acquisition of Arm. Now, Arm’s backup plan is coming to light. Softbank, Arm’s current owner, has made it known that it will continue to pursue a sale or IPO.

A consortium of organizations could make it happen, which has been on the table since Nvidia confirmed its intent to acquire.

Intel in consortium for acquisition

In a recent interview with Reuters, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said he viewed the option as a serious possibility. Intel is very willing to participate, should the situation arise.

By acquiring Arm with other companies, the chip giant would further expand the use of Arm technology, which is currently limited.

Nevertheless, the chances of a consortium of chip manufacturers acquiring Arm are slim. Softbank seems to be leaning towards an Arm IPO.