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GIGABYTE introduces shop.gigabyte.eu, an e-commerce platform with a webshop of GIGABYTE products.

Typically, GIGABYTE sells products through local partners and resellers. The choice for a proprietary e-commerce platform is a big step.

The platform consists of a webshop and a service portal. The webshop’s supply is currently limited to embedded systems and motherboards from GIGAIPC, a subsidiary company. The webshop will be expanded with more GIGABYTE products over time.

Navigating the webshop is as straightforward as well-known consumer platforms. Prices, however, are businesslike. The platform is available to new and existing customers in Germany and the Benelux at the moment. Other EMEA countries and regions will follow.

GIGABYTE e-commerce

If you’re active in Germany or the Benelux, and are looking for embedded systems for industrial applications, retail or healthcare, you’re no longer required to call upon a reseller or partner. The new platform allows you to order directly from GIGABYTE.

GIGABYTE notes that the platform plays a key role in its strategy for EMEA moving forward. We’re are looking forward to future expansions: although the current offer is somewhat limited, the products are well-priced and quickly available.