Meta plans new 2,000 staff Meta Labs to be developed in Madrid

Meta plans new 2,000 staff Meta Labs to be developed in Madrid

Meta announces huge investments in Spain’s evolving tech sector, Madrid, to increase its EU presence and develop Meta Labs employing 2,000 people.

Spain is set to become a key development hub across the Metaverse shift as the forefront of European tech. Meta has announced developing new 2,000 staff Meta Labs in Madrid, where there will be an exploration of a new level of digital connectivity.

The purpose of these Meta Labs is to give a “flexible foundation for people who work remotely for Meta and provide efficient space and resources to local tech entrepreneurs and business start-ups.”

Keeping abreast with ever-changing approaches to corporate culture, Meta Labs won’t require the staff to be in the office; instead, it will provide a central point for the company in a particular region.  

The virtual world for better social network

Meta has collaborated with the Spanish network Telefónica to build a Metaverse Innovation Hub, which will be focused on improving and speeding up the ‘metaverse network and device readiness.

As stated by Meta itself:

“Spain is at the forefront of European tech. The country benefits from having two strong tech hubs: Barcelona and Madrid, as well as newer centers in Valencia and Andalusia. Both are at the center of the tech scene and attract entrepreneurs, talent, and local and international investors. Spain is seeing record levels of investment in start-ups solving everything from online grocery delivery to neuro-electronics.”

Meta considers Spain as a perfect fit for its future technological plans. With a particular focus on enhancing the connectivity in Europe while catering to the local requirements.

Regardless of the hype, the Metaverse remains a big turn-off, especially in terms of AR/VR and the fully-integrated environment that it plans to introduce. It demands an enormous investment and a significant push to broader tech adoption and integration, which requires Meta to step out to different governments and organizations to facilitate their upgrades and local partnerships.

Spain could be a challenging facilitation point. However, having a strong local presence can help accelerate and improve the Metaverse adoption. It’s an impressive expansion either way.