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AMD announces the acquisition of Pensando. AMD is acquiring the processor specialist for $1.9 billion.

Pensando specializes in P4 Capri, a programmable processor. Over the past five years, the organization raised more than $300 million in growth capital. Pensando’s customers use the programmable processor as an alternative to cloud capacity. Most edge servers support the model. Programmability allows for diverse workloads.

AMD sees a future in the technology. Today, the chip giant announces the acquisition of Pensando. AMD hopes to complete the acquisition in the coming quarter. First, all relevant market authorities must greenlight the deal.

AMD Strategy

In February 2022, AMD announced the acquisition of Xilinx. Xilinx also specializes in programmable processors. Both Xilinx and Pensando contribute to AMD’s strategy. It wants to strengthen its programmable offering.

Nvidia and Intel are pursuing a similar goal. Last month, Nvidia announced a new AI processor. Intel regularly takes an interest in FPGA specialists, as illustrated by the acquisition of Omnitek in 2019.

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