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Zyxel introduced the NR5101 5G indoor router. The model combines Wi-Fi 6 WLAN with six antennas for 5G, LTE and 3G.

The NR5101 offers full support for 5G. Massive MIMO, beamforming and OFDM are present. In addition, the model connects up to 64 devices through Wi-Fi 6.

The combination creates various use cases. First and foremost, the model can be deployed as a Wi-Fi 6 router in an existing network, with 5G serving as a backup. If the network doesn’t support 5G yet, users can opt for the LTE or 3G antennas. Should you want to take advantage of 5G’s low latency, the model can serve as a 5G router backed by Wi-Fi.

Though the initial investment may be higher than a straightforward 5G or Wi-Fi 6 router, the model easily integrates into different networks with different conditions. When reusing the model in multiple networks, the investment is quickly repaid.

Security and Zyxel Nebula

Zyxel integrated several security tools, including an application layer firewall, WPA2 and WPA3. URL and IP filtering allow users to block connections based on URLs and IPs. All security tools can be configured using Nebula, Zyxel’s cloud platform.

Besides security, Nebula offers a central dashboard for network monitoring and configuration. Every modern Zyxel device can be added to the platform by means of a serial number or barcode. This allows administrators, service providers or resellers to configure a device prior to its deployment.

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