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Vertiv introduced the Liebert XDU 450 and XDU 1350, two cooling systems for liquids and air in datacenters.

Both units are designed to cool server racks. The Vertiv Liebert XDU 450 cools up to 450kW and the Vertiv Liebert XDU 1350 cools up to 1368kW.

The systems allow heat to be diverted to nearby buildings, reusing energy from server racks.

A single system is two meters high and more than half a meter wide. Organizations can install the models directly next to or above server racks.

Vertiv Liebert XDU

The units consist of pipes, pumps and a heat exchanger. The models support two different cooling methods: direct contact liquid cooling and rear door heat exchange.

In the case of direct contact liquid cooling, server racks run close to a liquid tank or liquid pipes. The heat from the server racks warms the liquid while Lieber’s units pump the liquid away, cool it and pump it back.

In the case of rear door heat exchange, server racks don’t necessarily have to run close to a liquid tank or liquid pipes. The heat from the server racks warms the surrounding air while the internal liquid pipes of Lieber’s units cool the air.

High-performance workloads

Support for two cooling methods makes the systems suitable for a variety of datacenters. Liebert designed the models to complement the internal cooling of server racks.

The organization said that more and more servers are being used for high-performance workloads, including machine learning and data analytics. The internal cooling systems of existing server racks aren’t always up to the new task.

The units make it possible to expand the cooling capacity of existing datacenters. Administrators can monitor liquid flow and set event alerts. The systems are directly available.

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