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Google has introduced a number of new features to make it easier for users to manage their data. Your Data in Search, as it is called, allows users to view and delete their recent search activity. In addition, they have easy access to the most relevant privacy settings within their Google Account.

If you use Google products, you generate data about your activity, writes Google. For example, when you perform a search using Google, it collects not only that search, but also the links you click on and the location from which you search. Not everyone likes it when all that data is collected, so the search giant comes up with this new feature.

Desktop and mobile site

Before Your Data in Search was introduced, users who performed searches via Google and wanted to view or manage their data had to visit their Google Account. This feature streamlines the process and makes it much easier and more accessible to view and modify data.

The new feature is already available on Google’s desktop and mobile site as of today. Users of the Google app, both on Android and iOS, will have to wait several weeks before Your Data in Search is available. In any case, Google will let you know that it is working on it and that this feature will be available in due course.

In line with GDPR

According to the site The Verge Google is considering a similar feature to bring some of its other apps and services. For example, it would look at the possibility of releasing Your Data in Maps and other similar apps in which data is collected.

The new service is part of a broader initiative within Google, changing the way users access their data. This will all be brought more in line with the General Data Protection Regulation.

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