Big tech firms halt political budgets after Capitol insurrection

Big tech firms halt political budgets after Capitol insurrection

Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft will stop its political spending after last week saw an insurrection at the Capitol. In a report released by Axios, Facebook was quoted saying that it would pause all PAC contributions for at least the ongoing quarter, while its policies are under review.

Google said the same thing and has frozen all NetPAC political contributions while it reviews and reassesses its policies, following the disturbing scenes from the Capitol last week. Microsoft followed suit and said it would pause contributions from its political action committee, while it also assesses its policies.

Reassessment efforts

Microsoft added that the PAC usually pauses donations in the first quarter of a new congress. However, it will have new measures to consider these events and consult with employees. Amazon also followed and added that it would not donate to anyone who was against the certification of the 2020 election results.

Employees on its Federal PAC Board had a call and decided that they would not send contributions to Members of Congress who objected against the certification of the Electoral College votes last week.

AT&T and Intel will not halt contributions, but they will not give any to anyone who refused to certify the election results.

Who else is involved?

Twitter was not planning to make any contributions at all, since in November last year, it said that political influence has to be earned, not bought. The company has not donated since 2018 and said that the remaining resources allocated to political efforts will be given to nonpartisan voter registration organizations.

Other companies who have completely stopped or are only contributing to those who certified the election results are Verizon, T-Mobile, Comcast, and Airbnb.

Most of them have condemned the attacks on the Capitol in one form or another.