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The tech giants recently announced that they are building integrations that will connect many of their cloud products with one another.

Amazon Web Services have unveiled their collaboration with Salesforce Inc. to develop integrations for connecting their cloud products. This collaboration serves two main objectives: to allow for easier app development while incorporating AWS and Salesforce services and improve the product portfolio for Salesforce’s collection of cloud services, the Salesforce Industry Cloud.

What does this collaboration mean for their clients?

This alliance will enhance the user experience for both AWS and Salesforce customers by reducing the cost and the time for many projects, giving more users the incentive to shift their business to these two companies. More enterprises will be drawn to this venture as AWS and Salesforce increase their integrations and add value for users by freeing up more resources.

Under this collaboration, both Salesforce and AWS seek easier data retrieval by apps from separate platforms, eliminating the need for independent mechanisms for data retrieval from each app’s codebase. These enhancements will also apply to AWS services like the Amazon S3. Another integration set will allow companies to sync data from the two cloud platforms in real-time. It will also link the Salesforce platforms with AWS cloud technologies, linking the AWS artificial intelligence services with Salesforce’s cloud platforms.

This collaboration aims to sync AWS services, including Amazon Textract, the Amazon Chime, and the Amazon Comprehend, with the larger Salesforce Industry Cloud platform. This venture is the culmination of a five-year partnership between the two organizations, going back to 2016. Limited integrations between AWS and Salesforce are already in place.