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Dell Technologies is increasing the availability of its Asset Recovery Services. The organization collects hardware from clients, destroys any data and sells or recycles equipment.

Asset Recovery Services was introduced in 2008. The availability expanded over the years, but the concept remained the same. A customer informs Dell of the servers, laptops, desktops, peripherals and accessories he or she wants to dispose of. Dell informs the customer of the value that the equipment can fetch on the second-hand market. If the customer’s satisfied with the amount, Dell will pick up the items. Any data is securely destroyed, and the equipment is sold or recycled. Customers pay a service fee, but receive the proceeds of sold equipment, which can reduce the final cost.

Today Dell, announced that Asset Recovery Services is available in the Netherlands. European availability is steadily increasing. Laptops, desktops, servers and peripherals of any brand are welcome. The service is available through a new, online self-service portal. Dell evaluates the value of the equipment you want to dispose of. The final proceeds are paid out digitally.

Data destruction

One of the biggest benefits is secure data destruction. It’s illegal to put a server or laptop with personal data on the street. Most organisations need a specialist. That’s why Asset Recovery Services offers two additional safety options.

First, you can opt to have data deleted from devices before the devices leave the office or data centre. Dell sends specialists to your premises to wipe data prior to hauling devices away. Second, you’re not required to have drives wiped or resold at all. All customers are given the option to have drives completely destroyed and recycled.


“Every year, the world produces millions of tonnes of waste from electronic and electrical equipment”, said Lars Nieukerke, Services Sales Director Benelux & Ireland at Dell Technologies. “Without proper disposal, this is very damaging to our planet.”

Although Dell emphasises the benefit of sustainability, Asset Recovery Services remains a commercial service. You pay a fee. The prices are available on request. As mentioned earlier, Dell pays out the proceeds of resold equipment to customers.

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