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Google released ‘Results About You’, a feature that broadens the types of personal information customers can request to be deleted from Search Engine results, including phone numbers, physical addresses and email addresses.

Last spring, Google announced that the functionality would be available in the Google App in the “coming months”, without providing a specific launch date. On Wednesday, the tech giant announced that Results About You will shortly be generally available to users in the United States.

The feature will subsequently be extended to include notifications when a user’s personal information is published in Google Search. The tech giant shared the news at its ‘Search On’ event, where it disclosed various developments connected to its Search products and services.

The US gets it first

Google is deploying the Results About You functionality to all English language users in the United States in the coming weeks. It will also include an unannounced new feature that allows users to get proactive warnings when their contact information appears in Search results.

When it becomes accessible, users can use the tool through the Google App or by tapping on the three dots next to a specific Google Search result. Some users have already noticed a limited launch of the feature. Users reported seeing the Results About You button in the Google app for Android as recently as last week.

Anyone can make a request

Anyone can ask Google to delete a search result if it contains their personal contact information, information that may cause harm, prohibited information or dated information. After submitting a removal request, users can track the status via the app, allowing them to distinguish between currently processed requests and those that have been cleared.

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