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Dell Technologies has introduced new security services. The services should help companies better protect themselves from cyber attacks and better secure their devices, systems and cloud environments.

Among the new services is Managed Detection and Response Pro Plus. This service, which further expands the tech giant’s MDR portfolio, is a fully managed security operations solution. It allows customers to better preventively protect against threats, respond to beaches and recover. These actions apply to endpoints, infrastructure, software, hardware and cloud environments.

Functionality MDR Plus Pro

Functionality offered by MDR Pro Plus is to provide 24×7 threat detection, investigation and vulnerability identification and ranking by importance. Breach and attack simulations are also available, allowing companies to ensure that their security controls are properly configured and actually working.

The managed service also provides pen testing based on real attack methods used by cybercriminals, various cybersecurity training courses and Incident Recovery Care in which experts help customers recover after a security incident.

Integration with CrowdStrike

In addition to MDR Plus Pro, Dell Technologies now offers companies the option of choosing CrowdStrike’s security technology from its SafeGuard and Response portfolio of partner solutions. The partnership enables customers to use the security provider’s cloud-based platform to better investigate threats and protect workloads on endpoints and in cloud environments, identity information and other data, among other things. Among other things, through a Zero Trust architecture.

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PC warranty

Furthermore, the tech giant is also going to provide better security for its hardware platforms, particularly its commercial PCs. To this end, Dell Technologies is going to provide PCs with a so-called Secured Component Verification. This digital certification will give end users the guarantee that their PCs and the key components in them have not been tampered with in the supply chain and arrive to them as ordered and built at the factory.

PSX service

Finally, Dell Technologies is introducing the Product Success Accelerator for Cyber Recovery service. This service should help streamline the implementation and use of a more secure and isolated “Cyber Recovery vault. According to the tech giant, this service is the first service in the new PSX portfolio.

The service gives companies three levels of support; Ready, Optimze and Operate. The first level provides planning workshops, installation and configuration of a Dell Cyber Recovery vault, a runbook, a success plan and cybersecurity skills training. The second level provides quarterly surveys of the vault, recommendations for the environment in which it resides, updates, patches and policies. The level also offers supporting restore test simulations.

The third and final level provides further operational support for monitoring and investigating suspicious activity, initiating recovery actions and support in the event of cyber attacks.