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CrowdStrike introduces protection for xIoT devices

CrowdStrike introduces protection for xIoT devices

CrowdStrike announced this morning that it is expanding its CrowdStrike Falcon platform. The expansion includes the first solution to provide EDR/XDR protection for xIoT (extended Internet-of-Things) devices.

CrowdStrike responds to the digital transformation that is currently affecting many industries. Today, more and more devices within an organization are connected to the network, including medical instruments and industrial equipment. This also poses new dangers for ransomware and other cybercriminal activities.

Insight for IoT

With the expansion, CrowdStrike has introduced Falcon Insight for IoT. It promises AI-assisted threat detection, large-scale compatibility with xIoT devices and integration with CrowdXDR Alliance partners.

CrowdStrike president Michael Sentonas says the company is ideally suited to parry the new threats. No endpoint should be left unprotected, Sentonas said.

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