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SentinelOne is now also offering its Singularity Hologram detection tool as a SaaS solution. This should enable users to identify and migrate identity-based threats even faster and more efficiently.

SentinelOne’s Singularity Hologram deception tool helps security teams lure potential attackers into a fake corporate environment to discover their tactics. To do this, the network-based threat-deception tool uses various techniques that fool attackers and serve as bait.

The tool dishes out real applications, data and operating systems to these attackers, but they do not realize they are in a fake environment. In this way, security teams can study the tactics to find means to prevent and combat especially identity-based attacks.

Less alert fatigue

The tool also reduces alert fatigue for security teams. The SentinelOne Singularity Hologram environment generates key alerts from the bait notifications, which can then be integrated back into other solutions, such as SentinelOne Identity and Endpoint. This saves a lot of time in detective, analysis and ultimately stopping attacks, is the thinking.

Ultimately, the SaaS-based solution should protect identities where they are stored -on endpoints or in the cloud. This provides a complete and scalable way for security teams to defend any attack surface and prevent breaches, says the security specialist.

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