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SentinelOne is going to deploy AI to counter cybercrime. It launched a new platform at the 2023 RSA Conference in San Francisco. The platform should enable companies to counter attacks on IT systems.

SentinelOne is known for its XDR (Extended Detection & Response) platform. The new solution uses a large language model (LLM) that can engage with the user in a manner reminiscent of ChatGPT. By asking complex questions, the AI model can assist in countering threats.


The AI tool allows security experts to automate processes that defuse threats. Suspicious access patterns and running VPN services can indicate that an attack is in progress. SentinelOne says users need little to no coding experience. It promises “radically simplified security operations and gives defenders capabilities of a nature not previously thought of and unexpected,” said CEO Tomer Weingarten.

Like other security companies, SentinelOne points to the shortage of cyber expertise. With the help of AI, the level needed is reduced, the company argues. After all, users would only have to come up with questions that the LLM then processes into an executable security plan. This could range from threat detection to setting up protocols once an attack occurs.

“AI is one of the most disruptive technologies of all time. With our new capabilities, we can unleash the power of AI to let companies control all aspects of enterprise security, from visibility to response.”

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