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Google Cloud is making Secure Web Proxy (Cloud SWP) generally available. Companies can deploy it to transfer workloads to remote environments securely.

Again a managed service is becoming generally available today from Google Cloud. The cloud provider is pushing those services hard this year during its Google Cloud Security trade show. Organizations can get started with security solutions for their cloud environments more easily through managed services.

In this case, it involves Secure Web Proxy (Cloud SWP), a Web proxy that protects workloads inside and outside your cloud. To take advantage of the service, you configure your clients to explicitly use Secure Web Proxy as a gateway.

Zero trust

Cloud SWP is deployable for implementing zero trust networking principles. Grant and restrict access to your Google Cloud environment in Google Cloud Identity Access Management.

You yourself can monitor incoming and outgoing Internet traffic by integrating Cloud SWP with Cloud Logging. The integration is designed for companies that like to personalize and configure the managed service.

TLS inspection

Furthermore, the service can be deployed for TLS inspection. Transport Layer Security, or TLS, secures internet traffic from hackers through encryption. Hackers can also use TLS to their advantage to spread malware. Therefore, it is necessary for security teams to inspect TLS as it enters the cloud environment.