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Zscaler makes cloud platform resistant to large-scale attacks

Zscaler makes cloud platform resistant to large-scale attacks

Zscaler is expanding its Zero Trust Exchange platform with four services, making companies resistant to large-scale attacks and associated risks.

According to Zscaler, large-scale attacks are no longer an exception. Such attacks put companies in financial trouble and are detrimental to a company’s reputation.

The cybersecurity company is therefore adding four new services to its cloud platform today. Zscaler Risk360 and Zscaler ITDR Solution should provide the tools to identify, mitigate, and handle a large-scale cyber attacks.

The first service gives security teams insights from more than 100 data-driven factors. This gives teams insights into cyber risks and the financial cost of exploiting those risks. This is interesting for convincing managers in the organization to implement additional paid security measures. Furthermore, the teams receive recommendations to mitigate existing risks. Should hackers still find their way in, teams can count on the platform to identify which actions should be prioritised.

The second service, Zscaler ITDR Solution, provides a constant overview of potential risks and threats. This service focuses solely on phishing attacks and helps teams detect and replace stolen login credentials.

Securely connect to remote locations

The other new features of the platform should ensure that offices from physically dispersed locations can securely connect to each other. To that end, Zero Trust introduces Branch Connectivity, which promotes a zero trust solution to the detriment of VPNs.

Finally, the ZSLogin Feature service gives IT teams a centralized login dashboard for streamlining authentication in IT processes.