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Check Point acquires competitor Perimeter at bargain price

Check Point acquires competitor Perimeter at bargain price

Check Point is buying Security Service Edge (SSE) specialist Perimeter for around 446 million euros ($490 million). A bargain, experts think. In doing so, the company has expanded its own security expertise and aims to offer customers even more secure access for remote working, distributed locations, cloud environments, data centers and the Internet, and more.

With the acquisition, Check Point strikes a double blow. Firstly, it acquires a competitor in the process and on top of that, it succeeds in further expanding its portfolio of SSE solutions and services.

What is remarkable, however, is just how low the acquisition price is. According to experts, due to various investments in Perimeter in 2022 especially, the company’s value would be around 910,000 euros ($1 billion). The SSE specialist has 3,000 customers worldwide.

SSE portfolio

Perimeter offers SSE solutions and services that combine cloud-based and on-device protection. These include Zero Trust Access (ZTA), full mesh connectivity between end users, work locations and applications.

End users will thus be able to benefit from fast and secure Internet connections no matter where they are located. In addition, it provides protection against cloud breaches. In addition, Perimeter’s solutions can be deployed within a short period of time without any problem and are easy to use.

Addition to Infinity architecture

Check Point plans to integrate the acquired SSE specialist’s technology into its own Infinity architecture. In doing so, the security specialist plans to build on its strategy of building more “unified” security services that include not only network environments, but also cloud environments and remote users.

The deal is expected to come to fruition later this quarter.

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