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Fortinet launches Underlay and Overlay service for SD-WAN

Fortinet launches Underlay and Overlay service for SD-WAN

Fortinet is expanding its offerings with two new SD-WAN services. The Underlay Performance Monitoring Service and the Overlay-as-a-Service solution are the latest additions. The new services will be available starting in the fall of 2023.

The Underlay Performance Monitoring Service is designed to help IT operators improve operational efficiency. As a result, the service provides a central overview of the entire underlay network in the Underlay Monitoring Dashboard. This provides quick insight into problems and allows network traffic to be prioritized.

The service is supported by FortiManager and the FortiGuard database, to make the overview complete. In addition, the service comes with an Application Performance Scoring feature, which measures all aspects of the user experience for applications. Problems in the network will also be found under this feature.


The Overlay-as-a-Service solution is for organizations that lack the budget to bring extensive technical expertise in-house but have offices in multiple locations. This is possible because the service allows business locations to be set up in minutes and connects different locations together. The service saves costs and time by being completely cloud-based and does not require Internet hosting or a dedicated hub.

The service is also there for companies that support working from home. There is a deeper integration with FortiSASE, allowing SD-WAN nodes to connect to Fortinet SASE points of presence quickly. This ensures that online access is secure and private.

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