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IT service provider Econocom victim of cyber attack

IT service provider Econocom victim of cyber attack

Hackers managed to penetrate Econocom’s systems last weekend. The investigation into the event is ongoing.

The Belgian Econocom has fallen victim to a cyber attack. The company announced this in a press release. An investigation into the consequences of the attack is still ongoing, but Econocom is fairly optimistic: “No leak of sensitive information has been identified to date.”

It is already certain, however, that the hackers managed to penetrate a shared folder. The IT service provider indicates that the hack was discovered after the attackers published a message stating they had hacked data from Econocom.

European player

Econocom is an IT company that aims to provide a total solution to businesses. It provides work and meeting solutions and services to guide companies in the digital transition.

The company’s headquarters is in Zaventem, Belgium. The services are however offered in 18 countries. Its focus is mainly in Europe, as there are only a few branches situated in America.

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