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Microsoft will soon enable Windows Extended Protection by default in Exchange Server 2019 with a cumulative update. This should prevent threats such as authentication relay and MiTM attacks.

Windows Extended Protection (EP) is a feature that strengthens the authentication functionality of Windows Server, and soon Exchange 2019 servers. This can prevent threats such as authentication relay and man-in-middle (MiTM) attacks.

CU 14 update

The feature turned on by default will be implemented in a 2023 H2 Cumulative Update (CU14) for Exchange Server 2019 in the coming months. Although Exchange Server 2019 is already several versions behind, MainStream Support ensures that this version will still receive cumulative updates.

Also for other versions

EP will also become available by default for all other versions of Exchange Server, including Exchange Server 2022. For the latest version of this iteration, Aug 2022 SU, users only need to install the CU14 update when EP is already on. When EP is not on, users should also install the CU14 update and then activate EP.

Microsoft strongly recommends that EP be turned on by default. This is because of the increasing number of attacks on Exchange servers occurring in recent years.

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