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Econocom rules out major impact of cyber attack despite second attack

Econocom rules out major impact of cyber attack despite second attack

From the initial investigation into the cyber attack at Econocom, the IT services provider concludes that only a small amount of data was stolen. According to the company, the impact of the events is therefore limited.

Belgian IT service provider Econocom fell victim to a cyber attack last week. The company thought at the time that no sensitive information would have been leaked. The company is now disclosing more information.

Meanwhile, the ongoing investigation has already revealed that information was indeed leaked. The vast majority of this data would however not been sensitive. Private data was only captured from one person, but connection data for technical accounts could also be accessed, but only from a few accounts.

Hackers had gained access to the business systems of a service provider working for some Econocom customers in France. The company says it has notified and is counselling all affected customers to prevent further spread of the attack.

Second attack

Interestingly, Econocom speaks of a second attack. Traces of this were allegedly found during an audit of internal information systems. The attack proved to be identical to the earlier attack on the service provider.

The IT service provider isolated the affected servers immediately after this discovery. “In light of all the analyses carried out and the facts available to us at this stage, we can assume that no internal Econocom systems or data were compromised by this second attack,” the company said.