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Arista partners with Zscaler for zero trust networking

Arista partners with Zscaler for zero trust networking

Arista Networks is launching a partnership with Zscaler for stronger network security.

The collaboration is part of Arista’s move to expand zero trust networking. The architecture relies on WAN routers and switches, for example, and integrates with security tools. “Arista’s suite of zero trust solutions maps tightly to the networking pillar in the CISA model and is designed to help organizations accelerate their journey toward zero trust maturity,” said Rahul Kashyap, Vice President and General Manager for Cybersecurity at Arista Networks.

Role of Zscaler

Arista points out that its zero trust architecture is fundamentally designed to be open and API-friendly. For example, the network vendor already partnered with Microsoft and CrowdStrike for zero trust. Now it is adding Zscaler, resulting in an integration with the Zero Trust Exchange. This Zscaler platform connects and secures users, workloads and devices.

The partnership is for Arista to bring domain and attacker infrastructure intelligence to its NDR product. This platform discovers and classifies devices, users and applications in a distributed network. This allows a company to better understand the attack surface. Arista NDR detects threats and provides context to respond to them quickly.

In addition, the partnership enables the Zscaler Internet Exchange to block access to devices that Arista identifies as compromised. Domains and IP addresses can also be blocked that Arista believes are malicious.

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