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Sophos expands Intercept X Advanced with detection and response tools

Sophos expands Intercept X Advanced with detection and response tools

Sophos adds Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) to its Intercept X portfolio for endpoint protection. This democratises tools such as threat tracking and ISOC.

EDR tools are tools for monitoring endpoint and network events, and gathering all that information into a central database for further analysis, threat detection and reporting.

Research by Sophos shows that 40 percent of Dutch and Belgian IT decision makers today use EDR tools as part of their endpoint protection. This percentage increases with the size of the company.

These possibilities are usually reserved for larger organisations with a special Information Security Operations Center (ISOC) or a specialised IT team. With EDR for Intercept X Advanced, Sophos makes the detection and response tools accessible to a wider range of enterprises, regardless of company size or budget.

Because of the enormous amount of malware, the frequency of attacks and the widespread availability of toolkits on the dark web, EDR is a necessity for every company, and especially for organisations with limited security budgets, says Erik Farine, Regional Director at Sophos.

With Sophos’ EDR solution, IT managers can see how an attacker moves through the network, then use the tools in Intercept X to fight the attack. They also have access to information from SophosLabs, which detects and analyzes 400,000 unique malware attacks every day, allowing them to quickly anticipate new threats.

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