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Huawei is again in the eye of the storm after a new report this weekend that it has helped the Chinese government to infiltrate a foreign network. It denies all accusations and emphasizes that it has been trusted by customers for 30 years.

Huawei gets a head wind with the launch of 5G connectivity. After being blocked earlier by the US and South Korea, Australia has also broken the tires. A new report by The Australian claims that Huawei employees were engaged by Chinese intelligence to integrate access codes to infiltrate foreign networks.

Huawei has made a statement to ZDNet: Huawei categorically denies that it has ever delivered, or was asked to deliver, customer information to a government or organization. These accusations are not supported by any evidence.


Huawei’s denial follows after the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) Director-General Mike Burgess advised last week to remove ZTE and Huawei from future 5G plans. According to him, 5G will be the telecommunications on which all critical national infrastructures will operate.

Burgress: The difference between core and edge disappears with 5G networks. This means that a potential danger somewhere in the network is an immediate danger to the entire network. For this reason, Australia has suspended talks with the ZTE and Huawei since August.


Huawei said at the time that the decision had not been substantiated by evidence or as a result of a transparent process. In their view, it is more the result of political instability, thanks to the strong power of the liberal party. According to Huawei, the decision was not taken with a long-term vision.

Wrong and narrowed knowledge of Chinese law should not be taken as a basis for questioning Huawei’s business. We have never been asked to do intelligence work for any government, says Huawei’s spokesman.

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