Microsoft launches a bounty program for the Azure DevOps cloud service. Anyone who finds a leak or bug can get up to $20,000 as a reward.

Microsoft has launched a new bounty program specifically for the Azure DevOps cloud service. For example, security researchers are given an incentive to look for and report problems before they can be exploited by hackers, for example. Microsoft announces the new program itself in a blog. The Azure DevOps cloud service aims to enable programmers to collaborate on code.

The role of researchers is essential for keeping our customers safe. We examine each submission and give recognition according to the criteria of the program. That’s what Jarek Stanley, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, says. With this, Microsoft determines whether a discovery is worth money, and how much. If a bug doesn’t yield anything, we’ll still thank your audience, let Stanley know.

Problems in which hackers can remotely execute code are considered the most critical. For this, the discoverer receives the maximum amount. For minor bugs, remuneration is reduced to a minimum of $500.

Bug bounty programs are not new. All major software builders have different programs running to reward security researchers for their efforts. Intel even launched a program last year with up to 250,000 euros as a reward for certain finds.

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