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John McAfee flees from the American government

John McAfee informs us that he is currently on the run from the American government. The billionaire tells in a video on Twitter that he has been charged with unspecified tax crimes. In a series of other messages on Twitter, he reports that he has not paid taxes for some time.

McAfee says he hasn’t paid tax for eight years or so. This is probably the reason why a warrant for McAfee’s arrest has been issued in the state of Tennessee for tax evasion. Together with his wife and four employees, McAfee decided to flee from the American government.

Also problems with SEC

Every year I say to the IRS: come and get me, McAfee says. To claim at a later stage that it is not illegal to evade tax. In the videos McAfee states that he has been sued by the tax authorities, but it seems that he also has problems with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In a number of reports on Twitter, he states that he has been charged with the use of cryptographic currency in criminal acts against the US Government. The SEC is responsible for dealing with financial crime, so this would be their responsibility.

It’s not the first time McAfee’s in trouble with the SEC. Recently he got angry when the SEC decided that promoting ICOs is illegal if you don’t indicate that you get paid for them. McAfee regularly used his social media to promote an ICO and it turned out that he received more than $100,000 per coin for this.

Presidential candidate

In the meantime, McAfee is also announcing that he is simply working on his campaign for the American presidential elections in 2020. In 2016 he already threw a pitch to the presidency on behalf of the Libertarian party. The campaign was then characterized by some bombastic quotes. I have no shame. Yeah, I was in jail. Yeah, I’ve been on drugs – more drugs than you can lift in the audience on your own.

Despite the fact that McAfee is now on the run, he wants to run his campaign in exile.

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