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Telecom industry calls for European testing regime for network security

Telecom industry calls for European testing regime for network security

The telecom industry is asking European governments to join mobile operators in setting up a testing regime to protect network security, without having to rely on excluding manufacturers from the market. That’s what Reuters says.

The initiative comes from the GSMA, which represents 800 operators worldwide. The initiative comes at a time when the United States is putting more pressure on its allies to exclude Chinese Huawei from 5G networks for national security reasons. The United States fears that Huawei equipment is being misused by the Chinese government for espionage.

Such a step would disrupt the supply of equipment, increase costs for the providers and their customers, delay the roll-out of 5G services by years and potentially create obstacles for existing networks, the operators warn. “Such significant consequences, whether intended or not, can be completely avoided,” says the GSMA.

The GSMA’s proposal is the industry’s biggest attempt to prevent more bans on Huawei. The U.S. and Australia have already banned the manufacturer’s equipment, because Washington claimed that all of the equipment comes with ‘back doors’ that can be abused for espionage. Meanwhile, the European Union is considering proposals that would amount to a ban on Huawei, according to top people versus Reuters.


Huawei is the largest supplier of network equipment, with a market share of 28 percent. Huawei has always denied all accusations. European operators also claim that there is no evidence to suggest that the equipment is being used for espionage or other malicious purposes.

The GSMA says it is setting up a task force consisting of European operators. The Task Force should find ways to improve existing testing regimes of individual operators, third party laboratories and in cooperation with the 3GPP. It recommends that governments and mobile operators work together on an agreement for a testing regime for Europe to ‘ensure a secure network while maintaining competition in the supply of equipment’.

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