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Gemalto expands Cloud HSM On Demand solutions

Gemalto expands Cloud HSM On Demand solutions

Gemalto has expanded its Cloud HSM On Demand portfolio with three new solutions. These are HSM On Demand for CyberArk, HSM On Demand for Hyperledger and HSM On Demand for Oracle TDE. All three solutions are available via the SafeNet Data Protection on Demand platform.

“A higher risk of cyber attacks combined with often rapid cloud adoption and strict privacy rules creates new challenges for organizations in terms of encryption, privileged access and financial transactions,” said Todd Moore, Senior Vice President for encryption products at Gemalto.

The new cloud services are designed to help organizations comply with new regulations. They should also help to protect against new cyber threats, “by simply deploying the strongest form of key management and security at a lower cost”.

New services

The CyberArk solution must work seamlessly with CyberArk’s Privileged Access Security Solution. In addition, it offers protection of private keys and strong entropy for generating system keys. By securing the master key and making sure it is in a safe place, the solution reduces the risk of the master key coming out or being damaged.

The Hyperledger solution provides confidence for blockchain transactions by securing the cryptographic keys they sign. It protects digital wallets, while ensuring that the keys are immediately available in the cloud when access is granted. The service provides a high level of security in data centers and the cloud, using the multi-tenancy of blockchain identities per partition as proof of transaction and auditing requirements.

The last solution, Oracle TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) solves the challenge of locally stored encryption keys by protecting them with a master key, which is stored in a separate vault. As a result, only authorized services can ask for the local key to be decrypted. If an attacker steals the database, it is encrypted and inaccessible, as the attacker does not have access to the keys safely stored on the HSM.

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