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Amazon Web Services yesterday announced three new solutions for cloud security. These are Amazon Detective, IAM Access Analyzer and Nitro Enclaves.


Amazon Detective needs to help security teams conduct faster and more effective threat research. With a few clicks on the AWS Management Console, the service automatically uses data from AWS CloudTrail, as well as Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Flow Logs, to create a graph showing a summary of the user’s behavior in the AWS environment. Using machine learning and statistical analysis, Amazon Detective provides visualisations to help customers detect unusual behavior in their AWS installations.

IAM Access Analyzer

The second solution on the list is AWS IAM Access Analyzer. This is a new AWS Identity and Access Management service. It aims to simplify the control of resource policies to provide access to security teams and administrators.

AWS IAM Access Analyzer is a service that allows users to analyze their policies associated with their Amazon S3 buckets, AWS KMS-keys, Amazon SQS queues, IAM-roles and AWS Lambda features. According to AWS, the service is able to analyze hundreds or even thousands of policies in a matter of seconds in a customer’s environment. The service also provides detailed findings from sources that are accessible from outside the accounts.

Nitro Enclaves

The latest new solution is AWS Nitro Enclaves, a new Amazon EC2 feature that makes it easier for customers to process sensitive data. This is done by partitioning computer and memory resources within an instance, to create an isolated computer environment.

Nitro Enclaves is designed to protect highly sensitive data and allows users to create fully isolated computing environments. Each Enclave is an isolated virtual machine with its own kernel, memory and processor. Users select an instance type and can then decide how much processor power and memory they want to allocate to the enclave.

AWS IAM Access Analyzer is available now, Amazon Detective and AWS Nitro Enclaves are available in preview.